For years I have promoted by public lectures the literal truth of genesis.

The creation and the flood.

Evolution is a baseless and foolish lie. Sadly most professing religeous in this age do not believe in the narrative of the book of genesis.

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When in college Social Science was a mandatory class and included Darwinism. Just because I had to listen and pass the course, didn’t mean that I believed it. I did not believe that nonsense.

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Nov 23, 2022·edited Nov 23, 2022

There's a small but active group of Christians in the West which really do not believe in the evolutionary theory. And the best way to counter it is to be knowledgeable in the relevant sciences and also nuanced, which then can point out where the deceptions are hidden, because they are many.

As for me, I'm a former chairman of the Genesis Association in Sweden and we DO NOT compromise about the genesis account (see genesis.nu). We are also from many different denominations sharing the same desire to hold on to the biblical correctness and truth.

With nuanced I mean the difference between what we call "Large Scale" and "Small Scale" evolution. Small scale evolution is what we all have seen with out own eyes, and the best known word for it is "adaptation". Adaptation doesn't create any new concepts or genetic information (despite what the evolutionists claim), it only varies, or destroys, what was ALREADY THERE. Applying variability to a design is a basic design concept which mechanic and software engineers use all the time (as to not limit the usability of a basic design into too narrow application) so of course also God would make biology quite adaptive. He even built in many variability mechanisms, which in part is why we are both basically the same, but still to some extent unique as individuals (which is why we can identify individuals by their unique DNA etc etc).

But making varietes of what is already there (God's original design blocks) is not "development" of anything conceptually new. More and more secular biologists recognizes this, although they don't openly deny the neo-darwinistic process which is totally incapable of creating biological "novelty" if I may quote the secular Harvard biologist Marc Kirschner et al.

My own son is a chemical civil engineer and molecular biologist specialized in bioinformatics and we both know - from contemporary science - that there's exactly zero (0) empirical evidence for large scale evolution (the kind purported by the secular scientific community, and the community is of course not the same as empirical science, which is a methodology). The sad truth is that among the secular scientists who publicly push for the evolution theory (which are not so many after all, many have their doubts which they keep for them self) are often outright lying, consciously, about so called evidence, when you pressure them in debates. But some of them are honest about their research (sometimes accidentally so...) but our case is quite clear - science does NOT prove (large scale) evolution, rather quite the opposite - we're always on the right side of the argument from the biblical perspective.

The biblical "starting point" says we were created fully functional from the beginning (and since the fall of man, has only deteriorated genetically since) is ALWAYS confirmed by empirical observation of nature. No one can deny that simple fact.

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Evolution is the origins myth of God deniers. It has nothing to do with empirical, observable science. It is pure fantasy, invented and propagated by those who are trying to run away from God.

Anyone who believes in such foolish tales has a radical disconnect from reality.

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"My sheep hear My voice and follow Me."

The goats hear the voice of Lucifer, and follow him - to their eternal destruction.

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