I would also like to mention that the most important information I have ever found regarding what we call "sexuality" is in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books written by Vladimir Megre. These books completely shifted my understanding of sex and the importance of the conscious creation of life vs haphazard conception. I will share here just a few quotes from these incredibly important books that came out of Russia sometime around 1990.

"... the dark forces are constantly trying to make Man give into base fleshy passions, to stop him from experiencing God-given grace. They try all sorts of tricks to persuade people that satisfaction is something you can easily obtain, thinking only of carnal desire. And at the same time they separate Man from truth. The poor deceived women who are ignorant of this spend their lives accepting nothing but suffering and searching for it in the wrong places. No woman can restrain a man from fornication if she allows herself to submit to him merely to satisfy his carnal needs. If that happened, their marital life will not be a happy one. Their marital life is only an illusion of togetherness, a lie, a deception accepted by convention. For the woman immediately becomes a fornicator, regardless of whether she is married to the man or not.”

“You see, Anastasia began her story, it is very important, when two people join their lives together, that they have a spiritual attraction to each other. Unfortunately, everything basically starts with the carnal. For example, you see a beautiful girl and desire to be close to her. You still have not seen the individual – the Man – or her soul. Very often people join their destinies together only on the basis of carnal attraction. Either that quickly passes or it is transferred to someone else. What then keeps people together? To find a kindred spirit with whom one can attain true happiness is not all that complicated. Your technocratic world, however, puts up massive interference…”

"A false union is a frightening thing. Children…sense the artificiality, the falsity of such a union. And this makes them skeptical about everything their parents tell them. Children subconsciously sense the lie even during their conception. And that has a bad effect on them. Tell me who – what individual – would want to come into the world as a result of carnal pleasures alone? We would all like to be created under a great impulsion of love, the aspiration to creation itself, and not simply come into the world as a result of someone’s carnal pleasure."

"What people do in bed today, calling it ‘love-making’, is a mere mockery of Love and a debasement of God. The satisfaction of fleshly needs lasts but for a moment, and I would venture to say that it cannot compare with even a hundredth part of what has been determined in God’s plan for Man."

"...sex by itself.. is bad. Very bad. It leads Man away from truth, destroys families. An enormous amount of energy is wasted.”

"…what I am proposing is to refrain from engaging in sex just for the sake of sex, either before or after the marriage is registered…"

BTW - for those interested to read the Ringing Cedars books, please read only edition 1 or 2. Edition 3, translated by Marian Schwartz, is a corruption and should be avoided. Here is where you can find the original, true books in English: www.RingingCedars.com They are also available in Russian (of course), but I'm not sure where.

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Fascinating and important information. Thanks for sharing this. I wonder if you have ever tuned in to the work of Christian theologian, Christopher West. I first learned of his work about 15 years ago when I was first trying to communicate with my students about the problems that were being caused by western morality as regards sex and, in particular, our haphazard approach to the creation of life. I read something at that time that West wrote concerning abortion. I don't have his exact words but he said something to the effect that there is only one reason we have abortion and that is because men and women are having sex without being open to life. BINGO! He also said that severing sex from procreation causes a culture of adultery, divorce, premarital sex, STD’s, teen pregnancy, out-of-wedlock births, abortion, fatherless children, homosexuality, poverty, crime, drugs, and violence. Again, he was spot-on. He often teaches about the moral issues regarding contraception. Here's one video where he discusses this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFWpy62TVhE And he has a website for those who may be interested to learn more: https://tobinstitute.org/ And he has written numerous books that may be of interest: https://shop.corproject.com/collections/books/products/theology-of-the-body-explained

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the biology God created is oriented to fertiliy and reproduction... the impulse peaks prior to the time of maximum fertility.... just following the impulses that are God given would be following largely a restrained life and more happiness as more children would be born as a result, more stability

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Damn I can't access the quotes from the link.. i feel like a crack whore without his fix.

I really really wanna read those quotes.

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So obvious. If all men ever consider is their penis then testosterone only serves that purpose rather than the pursuit of greatness. And the latter has created prosperity and cultural brilliance.

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I am not sure how a culture "flourishing" would be measured objectively. Perhaps your 26-page compilation of quotes could tell us, but on clicking the link I got "access denied".

"some moral laws may be designed to minimize human suffering and maximize human flourishing long term"

I'm reminded of the old say: traditions are solutions to problems we forgot we had.

The mass shooter question I think is simpler than often imagined - the rise in mass shooters matches the decline in serial killers. As forensic science has got better and people carrying cameras become the norm, it's become harder for someone to become a serial killer, they get caught after one or two homicides instead of ten to twenty. Someone who decides that he wants to murder a lot of people, then, has to do it all in one day.

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I guess, only christianity can save us? really?

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That doesn't seem to be the premise of the book being reviewed. It seems that loss of religion (not Christianity in particular) comes as a result of changing sexual values, not the other way around. People don't stop being religious and then drop their pants, they drop their pants and then decide they don't need God after all. This probably has something to do with sex being fun.

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People drop their pants with no higher aspirations toward the creation of life and thereby open gateways for demonic entities to enter their lives. Herein lies the biggest problem and the main reason all this reckless sexual activity moves people away from God.

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I think it is more they face a conflict of values. Religion directly stated that fornication is bad, a sin ect.

But a person accepting fornication as a good thing cannot rationally also stay religious without facing this contradiction.

Either they commit heresy, live with guilt or they leave.

I think a lot of people feel that they do not need to feel guilty. So they take the next logical step and assume it's all outmoded beliefs.

The people who fail and live with heresy are also more likely to pass on the idea it's not that bad to their children.

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Accepting a contradiction between your actions and the values of your religion is quite doable. Members of various Italian, Mexican etc crime gangs do this on a daily basis.

Humans are very good at hypocrisy. In fact, the greater the clash between their ideas, the more aggressive they'll be in defending them.


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there are so many religions that twist peoples minds. what is lost, it seems to me is a dedication to excellence in the self, to truth above all, and other virtue which are required for such. Organized religion, has been a failure since ancient times. A man can be excellent, a group of men? never.

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Everything you know about anything however is made by groups of men. So your reasoning is contradicted.

Organized religion is the only reliable bank of religious truth. Without organization people make up whatever they want and god becomes no different to a figment of his imagination.

I don't really know how you can come to any other conclusion given how patently obvious it is. Every single thing of note was invented or disseminated by the cooperation of men focussed on one goal.

Almost nothing significant across all time was ever the product of the individual. Even brilliant and loner scientists like tesla lived their life thanks to patrons who shared his vision but lacked his talent.

The Bible itself is largely unchanged across 2000 years. But since the protestant revolution we have thousands of new churches each with wierd changes to God's word.

I am not really targeting you. I see this kind of reasoning all the time and I hold my tongue.

It really does not make sense.

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i think you would be astonished at the variety of bibles. I have read maybe 50 bibles of various sorts. there are black supremascist bibles (melanated people being the true jews) white supremascist bibles, the thomas jefferson bible being the shortest. reading the church fathers and what they wrote is also worthwhile. the early versions of the faith are mighty different. For example, Purgatory was invented because the irish would not part with their ancestors. ancestor worship is so ingrained in their psyche. I say the abrahamic faiths are failures, being responsible for so much bloodshed and non rational thinking that eliminates obvious solutions to our shared suffering. the classical world could not exist under an abrahamic faith. there is no personal excellence, just denial. denial of virtue of the self.

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Modern science forces us to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

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